Welcome to Top Corner Kids!

At TopCorner Kids, we offer engaging and fun lunchtime, afterschool and holiday progammes for school aged children across Auckland.

Who are we

At TopCorner Kids, we are passionate about what we do. We have a team of enthusiastic coaches who promote fun and ‘giving things a go,’ ahead of anything else. 


Our coaches are trained to create a nurturing environment at every session, where the children feel comfortable to make mistakes and try new things.


Throughout our programmes, children will be participating in a variety of enjoyable activities that enable basic skill development to take place.  


How do i bring TopCorner Kids to my kids school?

Contact:  topcornerkids.sport@gmail.com and we will organise coaches to come in to your school and host an open day with multiple free sessions for students to enjoy!


***We love taking photos of our sessions and posting them on our instagram as well as under 'collage' for parents and coaches to see. If you do not wish for you child to be included in the photographs please let us know by emailing below!***



Programme Structure

At TopCorner Kid’s sessions, children will have a ball at their feet for plenty of time. We understand that at a young age, soccer games can be dominated by children who have a physical advantage over their peers. Our programme structure aims to limit this as much as possible through delivering engaging activities that require ALL players to have a ball at their feet so that EVERY child will feel involved.

What Will They Learn?

-Controlling a ball from a height

-Heading a ball

-Changes of speed

-Dribbling with both feet

-Changing Direction

-Shooting a ball

-Stopping a ball 

The kids will also have a chance of putting these new skills into practice with small-sided games which the kids absolutely love!